How to Stop Dog Barking

For a dog it’s natural to whine, howl and bark from time to time. Dogs make sounds for communicating with people. Also, they express themselves in such a way. In fact, there are situations when our dogs should bark, in our opinion. For example, when we want our dog to caution us against danger and protect us from ill-minded person. But in most cases dogs bark too much and the only our desire is to stop dog barking. It’s necessary to start solving the issue of dog barking as soon as it’s only possible. The matter is that if your dog has barking behavior for a long time, it will also take a lot of time to cope with this problem. There is a range of techniques that will allow to stop dog barking. You can find best dog training tips and ideas here

If you want the dog to be quiet, don’t scream at him, because the dog takes this as you bark with him. Train your dog not to bark being in a good mood and make training winsome. Consistent approach in teaching your dog is the best way to stop dog barking. Thus, each family member has to use the training methods each time when your dog barks out of place. Otherwise, the dog will be distracted.

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If you wonder how to stop dog barking, you have to know in which situations the dogs bark and of course study to cope with this. Your dog may bark when he gets a certain reward for this. If not, the dog will not bark. Your task is to get to know what the dog gets while barking and remove this factor. Removing the motivation to bark for the dog there will be no reason to bark again in a similar situation.

To stop dog barking you should ignore the barking till the dog stops. If you pay attention on such a behavior of your dog, he takes this as a reward and continues to bark. So you shouldn’t look at the dog, touch him or speak with him. But when the dog stops barking, it’s necessary to reward him. For, example, pat the dog or give him a treat.

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Thinking how to stop dog braking, don’t forget about following method. Step by step accustom the dog to factors that force him to make sounds. At the beginning of training the thing that causes the dog barking has to be quite far away, so that the dog didn’t bark seeing that thing. Reward the dog with his favorite treats. Then you should move the bark causing thing closer and feed the treats to your dog again. When mentioned thing becomes unseen, don’t feed treats to the dog. So your task is to show the dog that the appearance of barking causing factors is rewarded with something good, for example, treats.

Another useful technique that will help to stop dog barking is to teach your dog to bark when you give him such a command to speak. Ask someone to instantly make a noise, for example to knock on the door. Of course, in this situation your dog will definitely bark. Let the dog bark several times and after this show the dog his favorite treat. The dog will stop to bark for nuzzling the treat. Feed this treat to your dog. It’s necessary to repeat these actions till the dog starts to bark when you say “speak”. If the dog knows a command that allows him to bark, he must learn the “quiet” command. The conditions in which you should train your dog has to be calm and without any distractions. Give the dog a command to “speak”. Once the dog has started to bark, show the dog the treat he likes. Then reward the dog with the treat.

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To cease dog barking it’s necessary to stimulate him enough. The dog has to get necessary mental and physical exercises every day. If your dog is tired, he can’t be frustrated or bored. Consequently, this dog will not bark.

You shouldn’t think each time how to stop dog barking if you consider described techniques. Devote time to your dog and you will not have any problems with him.